Map Editor

TileKit Map Editor


Tiletkit is a new tile based map editor available for Windows and Linux.  The key feature of Tilekit is a rules based pattern driven map editing, define your tiles and rules and the map editor takes care of the rest.Features:Unique pattern-based-rule autotiling system Map export to JSON Code-export of final ruleset to C or Lua […]

SpryTile Map Editor For Blender

Sprytile Now Available For Blender 2.8x

Sprytile is a free tile map editor that runs entirely inside Blender, similar in functionality to the recently covered Crocotile 3D.  Over the weekend, Sprytile for the most current Blender 2.8x versions was just released. Details from the Sprytile page:Sorry for the long long long delay, but finally the official release of Sprytile for […]

Optikon Lua/Love Level Editor

Optikon Love2D Level Editor

Optikon is a free Windows based ( Mac and Linux can run via Wine ) level editor that takes a WYSIWYG approach to creating game levels using the Lua powered Love game framework.Details of Optikon from the website:Drag and Drop Level DesignOptikon is a simple drag-and-drop level designer which makes stunning 2D level design in […]

Crocotile Tile Based 3D Map Editor

Crocotile 3D

Crocotile3D is a unique level editor that takes the traditional 2D tiled based map creation approach, but applies it in 3D.  Crocotile3D is described as:Crocotile 3D is a tile-based 3d modeling editor. Originally released back in 2015 it is the first of its kind to use 2d tiles to construct 3d scenes. In contrast to […]

TerreSculptor Banner

TerreSculptor World Building Tool Hands-On

TerreSculptor is a free Windows based application for creating landscapes and terrains for games and other media.  Starting life in 2005 as a tool for creating maps for the Unreal Developer Kit, the tool has come a long way in the years since.On Demenzun Media homepage, TerreSulptor is described as:It all started back in 2005 […]

Creating Maps With Tiled

Creating An Isometric Map Using Tiled Tutorial

So many of the best games ever created use the Isometric graphic style.  Games such as Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Planescape Torment, Ultima 7, XCom and Diablo 1 and 2 are shining examples of games made in this style.  In this tutorial we show how you can easily create Isometric style maps using the […]

Godot 3 Tutorial Series

Godot 3 Tutorial– Tiles and TileMaps

This video covers first how to create a TileSet, then how to use the TileSet to create maps using the Godot 3 TileMap object.  We also look at the code required to select an individual tile in a tilemap as well as how to dynamically add news tiles to your map.  The tutorial also briefly […]

Godot Engine Tutorial Part 8–Tilemaps

  In this tutorial we are going to explore the tilemap functionality built into the Godot game engine.  A tile map is a 2D game map composed of layers of “tiles”, which are essentially just a fixed size sprite with some additional properties.  It allows you to quickly paint a level and reuse art assets, […]

LibGDX Tutorial 11: Tiled Maps Part 1: Simple Orthogonal Maps

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   If you’ve never used Tiled read this first!   In this tutorial part we are going to look at loading orthogonal maps in LibGDX.  Orthogonal basically means “at a right angle to” which is a fancy way of saying the camera is looking straight at the scene.  […]

A quick look at Tiled. An open source 2D level editor

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   One very common requirement for even the most simple game is a level editor.  The level of sophistication required varies massively from game to game but a lot of the functionality is pretty common.  At the very base level, you need a tool to layout the graphics […]

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