Flax Engine 1.7 released with massively better licensing terms.

Flax Engine 1.7 Released

The powerful up and coming 3D game engine Flax just released version 1.7. Flax is an excellent alternative for Unity developers although it shared the same limitation Unity did, as recently exposed by the runtime changes scandal, the license could be updated at any time! Thankfully with Flax 1.7 perhaps …

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Evergine Game Engine 2023.9 Released

Evergine 2023.9 Released

The Evergine (previously known as Wave Engine) engine just released version 2023.9. This version represents a fairly significant upgrade as it adds a Metal renderer and iOS as a target platform. The Evergine game engine is free to use, with commercial support and source code licenses available. What’s new in …

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The Future of C# Programming in Godot discussed as Unity users switch engines.

The Future of C# in Godot

With several Unity developers moving to the Godot Game Engine the C# language support in the Godot engine just became much more important for future developments. Right now C# support is not perfect with for example the following platform limitations: As it stands, Godot 4 has moved to a new …

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The Stride Game Engine for Unity Game Developers looking for an alternative

Stride For Unity Developers

Ever since the massive backlash over the Unity Runtime Fee many Unity developers have been looking at the alternative game engines. To help users in this process we have started the _____ Game Engine for Unity developers series starting with the Godot Game Engine, followed by the Defold Game Engine. …

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Flax Engine 1.6 released adding .NET 7, C# 11, iOS, M1/M2 Mac and more

Flax Engine 1.6 Released

Flax Engine was first released in 2020 and it has come an extremely long way in a relatively short period of time, with this weekend’s release of Flax Engine 1.6. This release has some pretty major new features, including: Flax is a source available (not open source) game engine that …

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Flax Engine 1.4 Released

Flax Engine 1.4 Released

Following half a year since the 1.3 release, Flax Engine 1.4 was released today. The C# powered, cross platform, source available game engine gain some very nice capabilities, along with a pretty massive change to licensing costs. Key Features of the 1.4 release include: a change from $25K a quarter …

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