Aseprite 1.3 Released with tilemap and tileset support, darkmode and more

Aseprite 1.3 Released

Earlier this month the popular sprite painting an animation application Aseprite released version 1.3. This is a milestone release, as the last point release Aseprite 1.2 was released all the way back in 2017. Key features of this release include: Tilemap/Tileset functionalityDark themeSkew transformationText fields for the transformationResize tags dragging …

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Vectorpea online Adobe Illustrator Clone from the creator of Photopea

Vectorpea Beta Launched

Photopea is a popular online Adobe Photoshop Clone that basically replicates a large percentage of Photoshop’s functionality in your web browser. It is ad support but otherwise free to use. The creator of Photopea just launched a new project in beta, Vectorpea. Vectorpea is to Adobe Illustrator as Photopea is …

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Inkscape 1.3 Released

Inkscape 1.3 Released

Open source vector graphics application Inkscape just released version 1.3. This release follows the 1.2 release back in May and adds several new features. Highlight new features in the Inkscape 1.3 release include: Key Links Inkscape 1.3 Release Blog Detailed Release Notes You can learn more about the Inkscape 1.3 …

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Free Adobe Alternative Applications in 2023 - Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and Substance Material and Designer

Adobe Alternatives in 2023

While Adobe is a powerhouse in the graphics industry with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator being considered standards, there are several alternatives out there in 2023, both free and commercial. In this guide we will look at my personal recommendations for several Adobe products, with both a commercial and paid …

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