Blender 4 4.0 Has Been Released

Blender 4.0 Release

Currently available in release candidate form, if all things go according to plan on November 14th Blender 4.0 should be released. Just a mere five months after the release of Blender 3.6 the Blender 4 release is packed with new features. In the video below we highlight some of the …

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BLender 3.6 Released

Blender 3.6 Released

A mere three months after the release of Blender 3.5 the Blender Foundation today released Blender 3.6. With just three months elapsed since the last release, you wouldn’t expect to see a huge list of new features in Blender 3.6, but impressively, you would be wrong. Highlight features (all showcased …

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Blender 3.5 Released, Best New Features

Blender 3.5 Released

Blender 3.5 has just been released, the first release of 2023 (Blender 3.4 was released in Dec 2022). In a few short months Blender managed to add or improve upon a ton of features. Highlight features of Blender 3.5 include: Key Links Blender 3.5 Release Notes Download Link We went …

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MeshSync for Unity Free Addon Blender Max Maya

MeshSync For Unity

MeshSync for Unity is a powerful and free extension that enables you to sync your 3D scene from several popular DCC suites with the Unity game engine. This enables you to edit in Blender, 3DS Max, Maya and other content creation tools and see the results in real-time in the …

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