Harfang 3D Game Engine Hands On Review

Harfang 3D Engine Hands-On

The Harfang 3D engine is an open source graphics engine for creating games, applications and VR apps for Windows and Linux. The core framework is available under multiple open source licenses including GPLv3, LGPL as well as a paid commercial license. In addition to the core framework, there is also …

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Techsmith Camtasia 2022 Release Review

Camtasia 2022 Released

Camtasia, the video capture and editing suite I use to create 99% of our videos and video tutorials, just released Camtasia 2022. Camtasia is a combination of video capture and video editing functionality, ideal for tutorial creation, available on Windows and Mac. This release is one of the biggest in …

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3D Coat 2022

3D Coat is a popular 3D application for sculpting, polygonal modelling, UVmapping, retopology, rendering and more that recently released version 2022. New features in the 2022.16 release include: -Much Faster Voxel and Surface Sculpting -Autoretopo Improved -New Voxel Brush Engine Added -New Alphas Collection -New Core API -Node System For …

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