The Rust Powered Bevy game engine just released Bevy 0.12

Bevy 0.12 Released

Coming just 4 months after the release of Bevy 0.11 this weekend Bevy 0.12 was released. Considering the short distance of time since the last release its somewhat staggering the extent of new features in this version, including a new renderer, a rewritten asset system, new light interaction options and …

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Bevy 0.11 Rust game engine framework released

Bevy 0.11 Released

Coming four months after the last release, the open source Rust powered game engine Bevy just released Bevy 0.11. There are a number of new features in this data oriented game framework including the addition of TAA (temporal anti aliasing) as well as SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion). Highlight features …

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Godot 4 Rust Langauge Support via GDExtension

Rust Extension For Godot 4

Godot 4 game developers that wish to use the Rust programming language rejoice, a new GDExtension adding Rust language support has been released. Through the previous GDNative system Godot 3.x could support several programming languages. With Godot 4, they have moved to the GDExtension system which should make adding additional …

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