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Flax Engine 1.7 released with massively better licensing terms.

Flax Engine 1.7 Released

The powerful up and coming 3D game engine Flax just released version 1.7. Flax is an excellent alternative for Unity developers although it shared the same limitation Unity did, as recently exposed by the runtime changes scandal, the license could be updated at any time! Thankfully with Flax 1.7 perhaps …

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GDevelop 5.3 was just released, now in 3D

GDevelop 5.3 Released

The popular free and open source “nocode” game engine GDevelop just released GDevelop 5.3. Since the 5.2 release several new features have been added, among the biggest being support for 3D (covered here in May), but the release also included several quality of life improvements. New features in this release …

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GDevelop 5.1 released

GDevelop 5.1 Released

The open source, cross platform, easy to use, visual programming based game engine GDevelop just released version 5.1. We first checked out GDevelop years ago in our closer look series and the game engine has come a long way since. The 5.1 update is a cumulation of several smaller updates …

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Construct Animate Beta released by Scirra powered by Construct 3

Construct Animate Beta

Scirra, the makers of the popular Construct 3 game engine, have just released a new product in beta form, Construct Animate. Construct Animate is a special version of the Construct 3 game engine specifically for creating 2D animations, which can be exported as web apps, ads or in video form. …

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CopperCube 6.5 Released

CopperCube, an extremely easy to use 3D game engine, just released version 6.5. We covered CopperCube in our in-depth CopperCube Game Development tutorial on CopperCube has a generous, nearly fully featured free version and is a great beginner 3D game engine as it requires no programming, but can be …

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