Cocos Creator 3.6 released

Cocos Creator 3.6 Released

Cocos Creator, a free 3D game engine built on top of an open source core, just released Cocos Creator 3.6. This release follows the earlier announcement in July that Cocos Creator received Nintendo Switch development support. This feature includes several new graphical features, UI improvements and one massive new feature …

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Cocos Creator 3 Game Engine Released

Cocos Creator 3 Released

Following hot in the late 2020 preview release of Cocos Creator 3, today Cocos Creator 3 is now ready for production use. The Cocos Creator 3 release is absolutely packed with features, by far and away the biggest new feature being the new 3D functionality joining the existing 2D game …

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Cocos Creator 2.4 Released

Cocos Creator 2.4.0 Released

CocosCreator, a free Cocos2d-x powered cross platform game engine, just released a version 2.4.0.  If you are interested in learning more about Cocos Creator, check out our complete Cocos Creator tutorial series available here.Details of Cocos Creator 2.4.0:This update brings more new features, optimizes performance and improves stability. Efficiency is everything! This version contains many […]

New Cocos Creator Tutorial Series

A brand new tutorial series just went live on (to join the existing Armory 3D series), the Cocos Creator Crash Course.The series currently consists of the following tutorial parts:Cocos Creator Tutorial Series homepageIntroduction and Getting StartedCreating a SpriteIntroduction to Cocos ScriptingDebuggingHandling InputSound and MusicAnimationThere are a few more tutorial chapters in active development.  The […]

Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series: Handling the Keyboard

  Previous Part Table Of ContentsNext Part   In this part of the Cocos2d-x tutorial series we are going to take a look at what’s involved in handling keyboard events.  If you went through the mouse/touch tutorial, a lot of this is going to seem very familiar, as the process is quite similar.  That said, […]

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