LDtk 2D World Builder Hands-On Tutorial

LDtk, or the Level Designer Toolkit, is a powered 2D world creation kit from the creator of Dead Cells. We looked at it in 2020 when it was first released as LEd, but today we are going to go hands-on and show you how this powerful tool can be used to not only create 2D tile based maps, but also creating game logic.

LDtk is available at Ldtk.io and is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux. The tilesets used in this example are from the Humble Fresh Start GameDev bundle (that expires 03/10!). In the video tutorial below we look at creating 2D maps from multiple tile sets, how to create entities to populate your world, and how to populate multiple levels into an overall game world. If you are looking for a stand alone tool for creating 2D tile based world, that are either top down or side scrolling, LDtk can me a perfect tool for you. If you need something a bit more complex or are creating an isometric map, be sure to check out our Tiled tutorial series.

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