LWJGL — Light Weight Java Game Library 3.3.0 Released

LWJGL, perhaps the most important open source library for Java game developers, just released version 3.3.0. LWJGL or Light Weight Game Library is a series of high performance low level Java bindings over important media related APIs such as OpenGL, Vulkan and more. Some of the most important projects including LibGDX, jMonkeyEngine and Minecraft Java Edition are all written using LWGJL. The 3.3.0 release adds support for ARM based processors on both Mac and Windows, new bindings such as libffi, meshoptimizer and SPIRV-Cross.

Currently LWJGL offers bindings for:

  • OpenGL
  • Vulkan
  • OpenCL
  • OpenAL
  • GLFW
  • OpenGL ES
  • EGL
  • LibOVR
  • Assimp
  • bgfx
  • CUDA

As well as the newly added bindings. LWJGL is an open source project released under the BSD-3 license.

Key Links

You can learn more about the LWJGL 3.3.0 release in the video below.

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