Free Synty Battle Royale Asset Pack

You can get an asset pack from Synty, the POLYGON Battle Royale pack is available for free on the Unity Asset Store in the Synty Sale. Be sure to use the code SYNTY23 at checkout, no purchase required. If you are a Unity developer you may also want to check out the 30 for $30 MegaBundle going on right now. Meanwhile if you are interested in picking up more Synty assets, there are a few days left in the Best of Synty GameDev Assets Humble Bundle. The Synty sale and giveaway ends on October 19th.

Even if you aren’t a Unity user, you can still pick up and use the assets in your own game engine. You will need a Unity Asset Store account and it requires Unity to download the assets, but once you have them, we have a number of guides on using Unity assets in other game engines:

You can learn more about the free Synty Battle Royale asset back and see it in action in Unity, Godot, Unreal and even Blender in the video below. Remember the offer is only valid until October 19th, 2023 and to use code SYNTY23 at checkout. The above links may contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a small commission if used (and thanks so much if you do!)

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